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Treatments Available

Rehabilitation of movement and exercise prescription


There are a host of factors that can affect your mobility as we get older.  This can lead to a loss of independence and confidence.  I can assess your muscle strength and provide you with a tailored exercise program to help you rehabilitate back to your baseline. I can assess you for a walking aid and guide you in progressing from crutches to a walking stick following surgery. 

Falls prevention and balance training

Mechanical slips, trips and falls can occur for a variety of reasons as we get older.  Not only are they frightening, they can also lead to a loss of confidence with individuals becoming increasingly housebound and reliant on family/carers to get out of the house.  This can leads to social isolation which is detrimental to our emotional and psychological well being.  I am adept at identifying falls risks in the home environment and can provide you with specific balance training to reduce your risk.  I am happy to practise your outdoor mobility with you to help you regain your independence.  I will also asses for any contributing factors towards your falls risk such as low blood pressure.


Airway clearance and breathless management for respiratory conditions

I am adept at treating people with both obstructive respiratory conditions such as COPD and restrictive lung conditions ie Interstitial lung disease.  When people struggle with their breathlessness they tend to avoid activities that make them breathless and become increasingly deconditioned leading to worsening breathlessness on exertion.  I have a wealth of knowledge and strategies that I can teach you in order to manage your breathlessness.  I can further assist you with airway clearance techniques to help you clear the secretions of your chest which will help you with your breathing.  


Post surgery rehabilitation


I can guide you in rebuilding your muscle strength, mobility and confidence after surgery or after an acute illness resulting in a long hospital stay.  Sometimes some gentle guidance is needed to ensure you are getting the balance right in pacing your activities on your road to recovery.


Specific soft tissue massage and ultrasound treatment


These treatments are highly effective for pain relief and work well with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  They work by improving the blood flow to the affected area thus speeding up tissue healing and reducing inflammation.  They can also assist in relaxing tense muscle tissue, mobilise joint restriction and improve joint range of movement.  Furthermore, they promote healing and collagen alignment post surgery.

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