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About Me

Evelyn Howard Community Physio - Rehab Specialist at home

I am a community rehabilitation specialist having worked for over a decade in the NHS treating people within their home environment. 


I graduated from the University of Brighton in 2009 and spent three years working as a junior physiotherapist at St Richard's hospital completing rotations in all core areas of physiotherapy.  I felt it was essential to gain as much experience as I could covering all areas of physiotherapy in order to specialise in the community further along in my career.

I am registered with the Health Care and Professionals Council (HCPC).  I am also a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP).

I went onto specialise in community rehabilitation as a senior physiotherapist in a split post working both in the community (seeing patients in their homes) and treating patients on the ward at Midhurst community hospital  hospital.  I was fortunate to expand my clinical experience through treating patients with a diverse array of complex medical problems. 

By working in the community you gain a wealth of experience as you are treating people with a wide range of different medical problems such as rehabilitation after a long term hospital stay due to spinal surgery or those recovering from orthopaedic surgery (post hip/shoulder/ knee) replacement.  I frequently treat people who are struggling with their mobility after multiple falls leading to a loss of confidence and balance.   I am used to treating people with arthritic pain and chronic joint pain.  

I am highly experienced in helping people with respiratory conditions such as COPD or Interstitial lung disease and can help people to manage their breathlessness in order to live a more fulfilling life.

I love treating people in their home environment as it's important to establish what is most important to them and tailor my treatment and goal setting to their needs.  I really enjoy assisting people to regain their independence and support them in getting back to their baseline.

I am currently employed by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust where I work on a part time basis within the pulmonary rehabilitation team.  I also work privately within my local area providing physiotherapy treatment to people within their home environment.

Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
hcpc registered practitioner
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